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Amazing Birth Stories

Amazing Birth Stories - Amazing Birth Stories, July 25 is the 35th anniversary of the birth of the first baby conceived in-vitro. In honor of this amazing feat, we're honoring other mothers who have had to deal with far more than long labors and painful contractions. From unusual delivery locations to harrowing rescues, they’ll have unbelievable “when you were born” stories to tell their children. Amazing birth stories, first baby conceived by in-vitro,

Nicole Culwell, Nicole Culwell + roadside delivery
Nicole and her husband, Matthew, were just 10 minutes away from the hospital in June when they had to pull over on a Wolverine State roadside (here) and make way for Baby Culwell. Without a medical expert nearby, the couple seemed to be on their own. Nicole Culwell + roadside delivery, Nicole Culwell + 911 dispatcher Carol Lellis,

Lynette Hales, Lynette Hales + roadside delivery
Lynette Hales went into labor during a June road trip with a friend (from here to here). The friend was making a hospital detour when they had to pull over; the first of Hales’ twins was arriving two months prematurely. Baby boy JJ faced breathing troubles from the very start. Lynette Hales + roadside delivery, Lynette Hales + performed CPR on newborn son, Lynette Hales + troopers delivered second son + healthy,

Aimee and Ashlee Nelson
This pair of twin teens unexpectedly checked into their Ohio hospital on the same day at the end of 2012 and delivered healthy baby boys two hours apart. They even had the same doctor. Aimee and Ashlee Nelson, Aimee and Ashlee Nelson + Dr. Laura Schnegg,Aimee and Ashlee Nelson + New Year's Eve,

Baby Nevaeh Atkins
Though Alicia Atkins is a professional photographer, her husband was the one who snapped the family’s prized picture. Alicia was undergoing a C-section in January when their daughter was caught on camera making a special connection with their doctor.  Baby Nevaeh Atkins, A Classic Pin-Up + Alicia Atkins, Dr. Allan Sawyer + Arizona, infant in womb grabbed Dr. Allan Sawyer's finger,

Joanna Krzysztonek
Poland’s Joanna Krzysztonek was pregnant with triplets when she went into premature labor in March 2012 and lost one of the babies. Doctors recommended she take drastic measures in order to save the other two. Joanna Krzysztonek + lay nearly upside down + 75 days, Joanna Krzysztonek + Iga and Ignacy + healthy,

Feng Yu, Feng Yu + baby + Angel
In January 2012, 23-year-old Feng Yu was flying from one Chinese city to another when her contractions started. She had broken the rules in order to board the plane in the first place. Feng Yu + birth on airplane, women more than seven months pregnant + Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Feng Yu + thin + wore heavy clothes on flight, Feng Yu + flight attendants helped deliver baby, Feng Yu + baby + Angel,

Claire Clarke-Wood
In December 2011, shortly after clocking out from her shift as a midwife, Claire Clarke-Wood was surprised to find herself going into labor. She wound up delivering her own baby right in her bathroom, three weeks before her due date. Croydon University Hospital + London, Claire Clarke-Wood + makeup mirror,

Marni Kotak
When it was time to devise a birth plan for her October 2011 birth, a New York artist, Marni Kotak, chose to deliver in a Brooklyn gallery rather than a hospital or her home. Giving birth was all part of a performance art piece for her. Microscope Gallery + Brooklyn, The Birth of Baby X, Marni Kotak + baby Ajax,

Amanda McBride, Amanda McBride delivers own baby, Amanda McBride + a year supply of diapers + two child safety seats + a stroller
Amanda McBride left work early to head to the hospital once it became clear her baby was on the way in May 2010. She stopped home to pick up her husband and got back behind the wheel of her Chevy. But the couple didn’t make it to the hospital in time. Amanda McBride delivers own baby, Amanda McBride + husband suffers seizures, Amanda McBride + gave birth while driving, Amanda McBride + baby Joseph McBride, Amanda McBride + a year supply of diapers + two child safety seats + a stroller,

Takia Mann, Takia Mann + baby
In July 2008, less than 20 minutes into a theme park outing, Takia Mann gave her two kids a surprising souvenir — a new sibling. She gave birth in one of the park’s bathroom stalls and was then whisked to a hospital. Takia Mann + baby, Takia Mann + Elmo and Abby Cadabby + St. Mary Hospital, Takia Mann + Sesame Place + season passes,

Bhuri Kalbi, Bhuri Kalbi + baby fell onto train tracks
This expectant mother took a bathroom break during a train ride in India in February 2008. There, she had an unexpected early delivery, the shock of which reportedly caused her to faint. Meanwhile, the unthinkable occurred. Bhuri Kalbi + baby fell onto train tracks, Indian trains + toilets + holes that open directly onto the tracks, Bhuri + baby survived + found on the track,

Nicola Delemere
In August 2007, at only 25 weeks pregnant, UK mom Nicola Delemere thought she was safe to take a vacation flight. Her baby had other plans and the captain had to make a medical landing. The flight crew helped deliver 1-pound Alfie midflight. Flight supervisor cleared baby's lungs with drinking straw + mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Nicola Delemere + Alfie + E. coli, Nicola Delemere + First Choice Airways + free trip to Cuba ,

Sofia Pedro, Sofia Pedro + Mozambique
In March 2000, when her country was beset by a national disaster, a very pregnant Sofia Pedro sought refuge in the only place she could think of — up a tree. Sofia Pedro + Mozambique, Sofia Pedro + in a tree for four days, Sofia Pedro + South African military helicopter,

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