Tuesday, 30 April 2013

2,000 Netflix Movies To Disappear

2,000 Netflix Movies To Disappear - 2,000 Netflix movies to disappear tomorrow. so If you're a Netflix member with a hankering to watch Stardust Memories, Dr. No, or How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, you've only got a couple of hours left to dial them up. The above films are among the nearly 2,000 which are set to disappear from Netflix on May 1. That's when a slew of titles currently available from the streaming video service become the exclusive property of the new classic film repository Warner Archive Instant, Slate noted Tuesday.

Monday, 29 April 2013

9-Year-old Killed By Intruder

9-Year-old Killed By Intruder - 9-year-old killed by intruder: Manhunt starts for man that fatally stabbed child, 9-year-old killed by intruder, A manhunt was in full force on Sunday, April 28, 2013, for a crazed killer that broke into a home in Northern California and stabbed a nine-year-old to death. KSEE 24 reported on Sunday that the town of Valley Springs is on alert and residents have been advised to lock their homes up tight while the killer intruder of the nine-year-old girl is searched for.

Earth Permanently Deformed

Earth Permanently Deformed - Earthquakes can permanently crack the Earth, an investigation of quakes that have rocked Chile over the past million years suggests.Although earthquakes can wreak havoc on the planet's surface, more than a century of research has suggested the Earth actually mostly rebounds after quakes, with blocks of the world's crust elastically springing back, over the course of months to decades, to the way they initially were. Such rebounding was first seen after investigations of the devastating 1906 San Francisco temblor thathelped lead to the destruction of more than 80 percent of the city. The rebound is well-documented nowadays by satellite-based GPS systems that monitor Earth's movements.

Tsarnaev Steel Door

Tsarnaev Steel Door - The Boston Marathon bombing suspect is being held in a small cell with a steel door at a federal medical detention center about 40 miles outside the city, a federal official said Saturday.

Friday, 26 April 2013

333 Heroin Packets in Bra

333 Heroin Packets in Bra - 333 Heroin Packets in Bra: N.J. Woman Gives New Meaning to "Drug Bust", A woman was recently arrested for having 333 heroin packets stuffed into her bra. No, her name as not Jenelle Evans ... sorry if there was any confusion.

38 Die In Mental Hospital

38 Die In Mental Hospital - 38 Die in Mental Hospital Fire Outside Moscow, A fire swept quickly through a psychiatric hospital outside Moscow early Friday, killing 38 people, most of them sedated and in their beds, 38 Die In Mental Hospital, officials said.

Brad Pitt Bought Angelina Jolie A MV Agusta Motorcycle

Brad Pitt Bought Angelina Jolie a MV Agusta Motorcycle - Brad Pitt's gift to Angelina Jolie, Brad returned the favor by purchasing an action-star-worthy gift for his partner's 35th birthday. Brad Pitt bought Angelina Jolie a MV Agusta motorcycle,

Scooter Braun Gave Bieber A 2012 Fisker Karma Worth $100,000

Scooter Braun Gave Bieber A 2012 Fisker Karma Worth $100,000 - Scooter Braun's gift to Justin Bieber, The Biebs made his manager a millionaire -- and Scooter showed his appreciation by gifting Justin a pretty major present on his 18th birthday.

Jay-Z Bought Beyonce A Private Island in the Florida Keys

Jay-Z Bought Beyonce a Private Island in the Florida Keys - Jay-Z's gift to Beyonce, Queen B probably felt like royalty when she found out what hubby Jay-Z bought her for her 29th birthday.

Outrageous Birthday Gifts

Outrageous Birthday Gifts - Want to get away with gifting a Hallmark card or flowers for your sweetheart's birthday? Then you better hope your special someone isn't Beyonce, Mariah Carey, or Victoria Beckham! Outrageous Birthday Gifts, These starlets have all been on the receiving end of some pretty extravagant birthday presents. BING to see the outrageous gifts these stars and more received on their birthdays.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Best Man Fatally Stabs Bride

Best Man Fatally Stabs Bride - Best man fatally stabs bride,In 2009, Jonathan Wayne Broyhill served as the best man at Jamie Kirk Hahn and Nation Richard Hahn’s wedding. The former best man was arrested today for fatally stabbing the bride and wounding her husband at a home in North Carolina.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

20,000 Students Sue

20,000 Students Sue - 20,000 students sue Calif. educators over English, About 20,000 students in California who need to learn English aren't getting adequate language instruction, according to a lawsuit against the state and education workers filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Topless Kate Photos Charges

Topless Kate Photos Charges - Topless Kate photos charges, TWO people were charged this month over the publication in September of photos of Prince William's wife Catherine that caused a huge furore, sources say.

Evander Holyfield Nine Children With Six Women

Evander Holyfield Nine Children With Six Women, Children by different women; Evander Holyfield: Evander Holyfield Nine Children and Six Women. First there was the juiced up beefy baseballer Jose Conseco who walked away from his multi-million dollar mansion in Encino, then yesterday the world learned that old man Ed McMahon is facing foreclosure on his Bev Hills mansion, and today we received a communique from the Georgia Peach who linked Your Mama over to an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that details the foreclosure drama swirling around boxing bigwig and Dancing With the Stars alum Evander Holyfield.

+Travis Henry 11 Children with 10 Women

+Travis Henry 11 children with 10 women - Travis Henry was a bust on the field, but off the field he's been extremely active. The former running back has 11 kids with 10 different mothers.

Clint Eastwood Seven Children 5 Different Women

Clint Eastwood Seven Children 5 Different Women - Clint Eastwood has won 4 Oscars, Clint Eastwood affairs with women: Clint Eastwood Seven Children Five Women- The 80 years old actor turned director Clint Eastwood has seven children with five women and he feels "ridiculous" when he goes to watch his teenage daughter play sports.

Eddie Murphy 8 children + 4 Different Women

Eddie Murphy 8 Children + 4 Different Women - Eddie Murphy 8 Children 4 Different Women, The funnyman, 51, was spotted out and about with his hot new flame, 33-year-old Australian model Paige Butcher, in Beverly Hills on Tuesday -- and from.

Asia Carrera’s IQ Is 156

Asia Carrera's IQ is 156Asia Carrera’s IQ is 156 – Some of you might be familiar with star Asia Carrera and some of you might not be. You don’t have to identify yourselves. But just because she’s in the p***ography industry doesn’t mean she’s not smart. As a kid, she got grounded every time she got a “B” in school.

Celebrities With Children By Different Women

Celebrities With Children By Different Women - How many baby mamas?, The number of out-of-wedlock births on the rise, unwed parents aren’t unheard of these days. But some famous guys have taken the situation to a whole new level. Read through to see who has multiple baby mamas. out of wedlock births high,

Utah Teacher Accused

Utah Teacher Accused - Utah teacher (and coach) accused of object rape of 17-year-old student, Courtney Jarrell was placed in two positions of strong authority at Jordan (Utah) Riverton High: teaching math and leading the sophomore team in the girls basketball program. In a disturbing turn, it now appears clear that Jarrell used that authority to violate one of the very students she was charged with protecting.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cinnamon Warning

Cinnamon Warning - Doctors say a popular teen prank that involves swallowing a spoonful of ground cinnamon in 60 seconds without water can cause choking, Doctors have issued a cinnamon warning. They are advising against taking the cinnamon challenge. This is when people try to eat a spoonful of the spice in 60 seconds. According to an April 22 report by the Huffington Post, the cinnamon challenge can be dangerous.

Chris Brown Explains Neck Tattoo

Chris Brown Explains Neck Tattoo - An R&B vocalist, The Ink: While most felt Chris Brown’s neck tattoo paid homage to this photo of a former flame, Breezy offered an alternate explanation. male r&b vocalists, chris brown explains neck tattoo, Chris Brown said his new neck tattoo is not a tribute to his ex-love Rihanna!

Jamie Foxx Head Tattoo Meaning

Jamie Foxx Head Tattoo Meaning - An Academy Award winner, The Ink: Jamie Foxx celebrated his 40th birthday with a tribal tattoo on the back of his head.

Claw Tattoo + You Don't Mess With Your Trademark

Claw Tattoo + You Don't Mess With Your Trademark - A female rapper, The Ink:  Eve’s mother initially wanted her daughter’s infamous tattoo removed, but years later insisted she keep it. eve +rapper, claw tattoo + you don't mess with your trademark , eve +claw tattoo,

Tattoo Regrets?

Tattoo Regrets?
Tattoo Regrets? - Regrettable Tattoos, Permanently inking a tribute to a favorite movie, animated figure or current romantic interest may seem like a good idea at the time, but as time moves on, the tattoo remains. Check out these human canvases to see which of these lifelong bold symbolic gestures should stay, and which should go. tattoos of movies,

Lauryn Hill Sentence

Lauryn Hill Sentence - A federal judge postponed Lauryn Hill's tax evasion sentencing on Monday but not before scolding the eight-time Grammy-winning singer for reneging on a promise to make restitution by now.

Monday, 22 April 2013

NFL's Biggest Draft Busts

NFL's Biggest Draft Busts -  Draft Busts, The most talented and athletic college players don't always make the best pros. Take David Carr (pictured), for example, whom the Houston Texans chose first overall in 2002. In anticipation of the 2013 NFL draft on April 25-27, here is a look at some of the worst picks of the past 25 years. Click through to see what they are up to now. 2013 NFL draft,

Jailed For NRA T-Shirt

Jailed For NRA T-Shirt - Jailed for NRA T-shirt, a student was jailed for wearing an NRA T-shirt to school in West Virginia last week. On April 21, Fox News reported that an 8th grade student got in to an argument with a teacher who allegedly didn't approve of the image of a gun on the boy's shirt. Now, Jared Marcum faces charges of "obstruction and disturbing the education process for refusing to change the shirt."

Reese Witherspoon Arrested

Reese Witherspoon Arrested - Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon was arrested in Atlanta for alleged disorderly conduct after her husband, talent agent James Toth, was stopped by police on suspicion of drunken driving, online Hollywood magazine Variety reported on Sunday.

$2 Million Boston Victims

$2 Million Boston Victims - Nearly a week after the Boston bombings, crowdfunding websites that raise money for medical tragedies from car crashes to cancer say they’ve received more than 23,000 pledges promising more than $2 million for the victims and families of the marathon attack.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Terrell Owens Bears: T.O. wants to play for Chicago Bears

Terrell Owens Bears: T.O. wants to play for Chicago Bears - Terrell Owens Bears: Terrell Owens wants to play for the Chicago Bears, The latest NFL rumors suggest Terrell Owens wants to play for the Chicago Bears. The veteran free agent wide receiver is thinks he would be a good "fit" for the football franchise. And it seems T.O's comeback plans rely heavily on calling in a favor from an old 49ers coach, citing an April 19 CSNChicago sports news report.

Terrorista #1 License

Terrorista #1 License - Terrorista #1 license: 2 alleged friends of Dzhokhar arrested, A Terrorista #1 license plate vehicle was found by the FBI and two men said to be friends with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been arrested. On April 20, Mail Online reported that the two men and one of their girlfriends were arrested and then released by the FBI on Friday and the two men were taken in to custody again on Saturday.

Terrell Owens Bears

Terrell Owens Bears - Terrell Owens would welcome move to Chicago Bears, Terrell Owens is still lobbying for an NFL job at 39 years old.

N. Korea Missile Launchers

N. Korea Missile Launchers - North Korea has moved two more missile launchers to its east coast, where preparations are apparently under way for a missile test as tensions simmer on the peninsula, a report said.

Suspect Throat Injury

Suspect Throat Injury - The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings suffered an injury to his throat and may not be able to talk, a federal official told CNN on Saturday, possibly hindering attempts by authorities to question him about a motive in the attack.

5 Snowboarders Killed

5 Snowboarders Killed - Five snowboarders were killed Saturday afternoon after apparently triggering a backcountry avalanche on Colorado's Loveland Pass, authorities said, 5 Snowboarders Killed, Search and rescue crews recovered the bodies several hours after the slide, which was about 600 feet wide and eight feet deep, said Clear Creek County Sheriff Don Krueger.

Mom Kids Fire BB Gun

Mom Kids Fire BB Gun - A Long Island, New York, woman bought a BB gun, then drove her two children and another boy around and had them shoot at parked cars, police said.

Younger Suspect Partied

Younger Suspect Partied - Younger suspect partied in wake of Boston Marathon bombings, Younger suspect partied in wake of Boston Marathon bombings, It is almost unbelievable to hear that the younger suspect partied at college after the Boston Marathon bombings. However, according to an April 20 CNN report, that is exactly what Dzhokar Tsarnaev did after police say he and his brother used homemade bombs that killed three people and injured 170 at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

3 Doors Down Bassist Arrested

3 Doors Down Bassist Arrested - Rock band 3 Doors Down bassist Robert Todd Harrell was intoxicated when he caused a fatal traffic accident in Tennessee, authorities allege.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Amanda Knox 'Paralyzed'

Amanda Knox 'Paralyzed' - Amanda Knox says in a new interview that she's sometimes "paralyzed" with anxiety stemming from the death of her roommate in Italy and Amanda Knox: 'Paralyzed' with anxiety sometimes, the legal proceedings that saw her convicted then acquitted in a case that made headlines across the globe.

85-Foot Trapeze Fall

85-Foot Trapeze Fall - 85-foot trapeze fall, a 85-foot trapeze fall caught on video shows a Kenyan trapeze artist hanging 85 feet above the ground by his feet while the audience below applauses and children watch in awe. In an instant, the trapeze artist loses his grip and falls; the audience holds its breath. According to an April 19, 2013, report by Gawker, not only did the Kenyan trapeze artist survive, but he is planning on returning to work once he is healed.

NBC Pulls Hannibal

NBC Pulls Hannibal - NBC Pulls Next Week's 'Hannibal' After Boston Bombings, The network decides to reschedule disturbing episode in wake of tragedy.Because of this week's Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent manhunt, NBC has decided to pull next week's episode of "Hannibal" out of concern over its disturbing content.

Musharraf Arrested

Musharraf Arrested - Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has been placed under house arrest, Pakistani media reported Thursday.The Pakistan government said earlier Thursday it would obey an order by Islamabad's High Court to arrest Musharraf, Pakistan's interim Minister of Information Arif Nizami said.

4 Shot In Basement

4 Shot In Basement - Four adults were found dead Thursday in the basement of a northeast Ohio townhome, all shot in the head.Authorities: Bodies of 4 adults found in basement of townhome in Ohio, all were shot in head, 4 Shot In Basement, Someone discovered the bodies at a complex on Akron’s northeast side, according to Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority executive director Tony O’Leary. He said police told his office no weapons were found in the home.

7.0 Quake Off Japan

7.0 Quake Off Japan - A major 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck off northern Japan on Friday, 7.0 Quake Off Japan, seismologists said, but no tsunami warning was issued, A 7.0-magnitude earthquake has struck in seas off far northern Japan and far eastern Russia but no damage is expected.

American Pie Actor 911

American Pie Actor 911 - American Pie actor 911, Eddie Kaye Thomas, who starred in “American Pie,” was faced with an emergency situation when a house guest grabbed a knife and barred herself in his residence.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

CVS Racist Slur

CVS Racist Slur - Hyun Lee, a New Jersey woman of Korean descent, picked up her photos from a CVS in February when she noticed that her name on the receipt had been changed to "Ching Chong Lee," The Smoking Gun reported Thursday.

Dick Van Dyke Disorder

Dick Van Dyke Disorder - Dick Van Dyke's Neurological Disorder Forces Actor To Cancel Appearance, Actor, comedian and Tinseltown legend Dick Van Dyke will miss an upcoming appearance in New York due to an undiagnosed neurological problem.

Jamie Lynn Grumet Pathways To Family Wellness

Jamie Lynn Grumet Pathways To Family Wellness - Jamie Lynne Grumet, The Los Angeles mom and blogger caused a stir last year with a provocative magazine cover showing her breastfeeding her nearly 4-year-old son.

CNN 'Arrest' Confusion

CNN 'Arrest' Confusion - Investigators have pinpointed two men as "possible suspects" who were seen in images near the finish line of this week's Boston Marathon -- moments before twin bombs there exploded, CNN 'Arrest' Confusion, killing three and injuring about 180 others -- a law enforcement official said.