Thursday, 11 April 2013

Teen Hit By Softball Dies

Teen Hit By Softball Dies - A teen hit by a softball dies just after his 16th birthday. On April 11, CBS News reported that Taylor Dorman was hit in the chest with a softball during gym class in San Diego County on Wednesday and while he seemed fine at first, friends say that he collapsed after about 20 minutes. He was taken to a nearby hospital by helicopter where he later died.

This all happened on Taylor's 16th birthday and while most people thought that he was fine -- or that maybe he'd just end up with a big black and blue, his injuries were far more serious.

The teen hit by a softball died just days before a huge birthday party in his honor. His relatives and friends are heartbroken. No one ever expected that they would be attending his funeral instead of eating cake and celebrating his birthday with him.

Taylor was really well-liked at school and his classmates had nothing but great things to say about him. "He was always happy and always smiling and even when it was a bad day he would always bring just so much happiness," said one student. It was reported that before Taylor collapsed, he made a joke to the kid who hit the softball in his direction.

The teen hit by a softball died from injuries not reported. It's possible that his chest collapsed or that he had some kind of internal bleeding following the impact.

Source: examiner

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