Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Grandmother Arrested

Grandmother Arrested - A 64-year-old grandmother was arrested on March 30 for allegedly hiring her grandson to kill her husband. Authorities say the murder-for-hire conspiracy took place because the ailing woman had grown tired of her husband and wanted him dead. Prosecutors say the grandmother and her grandchild went on a shopping spree with the dead man's savings, citing an April 7 Gawker story.

Janet Strickland and William Strickland Jr., 19, were taken into police custody last week, but details are only starting to emerge. Arguably, when one reads news headlines like, "Grandmother arrested," it attracts attention.

Reports say the woman, who is suffering from a lung disease and another condition, had grown "sick" the elder Strickland and wanted him dead. While she considered other sources, she allegedly recruited her grandson, who she believed had a gun of his own. What's more, she wanted the man dead right away.

Information gathered from police reported that when the woman unlocked the door to let her husband out, she knew her grandson would murder him. The elder Strickland was on his way to a kidney dialysis appointment at the time he was shot six times in the back.

Days after the man's death, a neighbor noticed that the teenager was installing a sound system in a brand new read Pontiac car. It piqued his attention because he was aware the boy wasn't working.

Police later said the grandmother and her grandson went on a shopping spree to include a new car, clothing, a new phone and gym shoes for the teen.

Neighbors were shocked after the grandmother's arrest report suggested she was the mastermind behind the hit on her husband.

After her arrest, she was treated at a local hospital for high blood pressure. Her bail was set at $500,000, while her grandson was not given bail.

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