Monday, 15 April 2013

Rodman N. Korea Return

Rodman N. Korea Return - It looks like controversies follow Dennis Rodman the former star in professional basketball arena.After announcing several days back that the North Korea President is a good friend of his, now the celebrity star has decided to visit the country in a recent development. He is believed to be on vacation in North Korea and along with Kim Jong UN. This was reported on Fox News on Sunday, April 14, 2013 wherein the visit is supposed to be in the month of August.

However, it seems Rodman has not yet seen what Kim stands for and the way he is treating his own countrymen. The supporters of the star are somewhat confused with this news as the controversy seems to have left them confused about Rodman’s intentions. Moreover, the meeting has been reported at a time when there is so much tension among the countries over North Korea's nuclear weapons testing, which has not been improving any further till now.On 12 February 2013, a spokesman for North Korea's army command said it had successfully conducted a third underground nuclear weapons test. North Korea also said the test had used a miniaturized nuclear device with greater explosive power. Rodman N. Korea Return,

The politician and the former sports star met each other in February when they visited the Harlem Globetrotters. Obviously, this has not amused the U.S. state department. According to Rodman, Kim Jong UN is not interested in the war and he even went on to say that the North Korean ruler wanted President Obama to talk to him. They both seem to have become close buddies and Rodman has turned out to be a strong supporter and spokesperson of intention of his new good friend.

Rodman visited Fargo, N.D., for a promotional event at a local bar over the last weekend. He expressed his opinions about Kim that he thinks Kim does not want the war and that he considers the leader a good friend. Although there are many nuclear weapon threats being made even today, Rodman has made his plans to returning to North Korea on vacation with his best buddy, Kim. Apparently it is reported that Kim is a ‘Hardcore Basketball Fan’ which has definitely caused him to get closer to Rodman.

With tension rising on the Korean peninsula, leaders world over are urgingNorth Korea abide by UN resolutions against its nuclear programme, saying this was "an urgent and honest appeal from the international community”. Still there seems to be a lot confusion over the intention of the military and the leader of this powerful country with weapons of mass destruction available handy in case of war.

All this does not seem to bother Rodman as he appears to be ignorant of the facts and the recent issues being faced by United States as well as the rest of the countries over nuclear war threats. Also the connection between the politicians and the celebrities who support them in these controversial situations seems to leave a vast majority of supporters in a confused state.

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