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Terrell Owens Bears: T.O. wants to play for Chicago Bears

Terrell Owens Bears: T.O. wants to play for Chicago Bears - Terrell Owens Bears: Terrell Owens wants to play for the Chicago Bears, The latest NFL rumors suggest Terrell Owens wants to play for the Chicago Bears. The veteran free agent wide receiver is thinks he would be a good "fit" for the football franchise. And it seems T.O's comeback plans rely heavily on calling in a favor from an old 49ers coach, citing an April 19 CSNChicago sports news report.

Owens was in the "Windy City" over the weekend as part of a charity event in support of Ronald McDonald House of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

While there, he spoke with reporters about his intended comeback to the NFL. For reasons only known to the former wide receiver, Terrell Owens is eyeing the Bears.

What is known is that his chances of making a connection could be rooted in his past with current Bears head coach, Marc Trestman.

Trestman was a quarterback’s coach/offensive coordinator with the San Francisco 49ers in 1996 when Owens made his professional football debut.

    "I haven't talked to Marc in a long while. I know he's gone on and done some things, now he's back in the NFL. So, I never really thought about it until myself and Napoleon were talking about it earlier, but I would definitely welcome it if they would give it some serious consideration," Owens said during an interview.

And should he and the team make a connection, Owens offered a glimpse at the tenacious offense:

    "To think about [Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall] on the other side and me on one side, that's really dangerous. I'm keeping myself in shape just for any opportunity that may come about," he added.

If Terrell's signing plans hinge on his relationship with the head coach, it may not bear much weight. Shortly after Owens made his NFL debut, Trestman joined the Detroit Lions as a quarterback coach.

Should Terrell Owens and the Bears ink a deal?

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