Friday, 19 April 2013

NBC Pulls Hannibal

NBC Pulls Hannibal - NBC Pulls Next Week's 'Hannibal' After Boston Bombings, The network decides to reschedule disturbing episode in wake of tragedy.Because of this week's Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent manhunt, NBC has decided to pull next week's episode of "Hannibal" out of concern over its disturbing content.

Episode 4 of the serial-killer drama, NBC Pulls Hannibal, which was slated to air next Thursday, featured Molly Shannon's character brainwashing children to murder other kids. It will not be rescheduled; instead, "Hannibal" will skip it entirely and move on to Episode 5. NBC notes that continuity will not be affected.

Series creator Bryan Fuller told Variety that he did not want audience members to have a "negative experience" watching the show. And after the Boston bombings and December's Sandy Hook school shooting, he and the network felt it was appropriate to pull the episode.

"With this episode, it wasn't about the graphic imagery or violence," he said. "It was the associations that came with the subject matter that I felt would inhibit the enjoyment of the overall episode. … It was my own sensitivity."

"Hannibal" isn't the only show that pulled or rescheduled an episode due to the violent and tragic events of the past week. ABC pushed back Monday's bomb-themed episode of "Castle" to April 29 (and may further delay it).

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