Friday, 26 April 2013

Jay-Z Bought Beyonce A Private Island in the Florida Keys

Jay-Z Bought Beyonce a Private Island in the Florida Keys - Jay-Z's gift to Beyonce, Queen B probably felt like royalty when she found out what hubby Jay-Z bought her for her 29th birthday.

 Jay-Z bought Beyonce a private island in the Florida Keys, Jay-Z drops $20 million on island for Beyonce, Outrageous Birthday Gifts, “The island is 12.5 acres and about 2.5 miles offshore . . . it’s a tropical paradise.”

  The insider continued, “[Jay Z and] Beyonce had been looking at the island in the past, and now [Jay Z] decided to buy it.” So we guess that means that Bey is now OFFICIALLY THE QUEEN . . . at least of that island . . .


  1. Rap Music Bought Him All That Money?.........I think I need to learn how to rap