Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Barkley Tight Shirt

Barkley Tight Shirt - A photo of the Hall of Famer and NBA TNT analyst, Charles Barkley was allegedly taken as he had swapped his shirts “with a bro”. The fact that he had swapped his shirts “with a bro” still remains unconfirmed.

But this allegation seems reasonable as the Hall of Famer, who is more than 50-years old, who has already struggled with weight related issues, Barkley Tight Shirt, would dare to wear a short-sleeved and ill-fitting tight shirt. But it is also alleged that Berkley would have done such a thing for bringing a laugh on the faces of his fans, as he has got a good sense of humor. The allegation is that Berkley would have done such a thing to share a light moment with a young man, Matthew Lawrence, who is expected to be a “Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad” star.

If you have any plans of making a famous NBA star to wear your brother’s comical small shirts and have a picture with him, then Berkley would be a perfect fit for that. But we wouldn’t recommend you asking for it in the centre of hotel lobby or in a lounge. An active NBA guy suitable for this kind of stuff is Metta World Peace. If you have any other ideas regarding this, feel free to share it in the comments.

But this shirt swapping incident doesn’t seem so much ridiculous when you dig in to the history of Charles Barkley. Anyways, it is a sure way to stay alive in a game, which is said to be a weight watchers game.

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