Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sharon Osbourne 911 Tape

Sharon Osbourne 911 Tape - Sharon Osbourne 911 tape, sharon osbourne called 911 a while back about a candle that had started a fire at her home. On April 17, TMZ reported that this tape could just be a clue that Ozzy and she were having problems.

If you listen to this tape, you can hear Ozzy at the very start of it. He is hard to understand, but doesn't sound happy. Sharon then talks to 911 sounding very upset saying that they had a fire in her room and it was from a candle. She goes on to say that her husband put it out but she still wants firemen to come to her home.

Sharon just wants to be sure that things are fine. She tells them her name and address so that the fire department can come out to help them. She said the table it was sitting on is what caught fire. Sharon did say she was responsible, but when you listen to the tape knowing what is going on now it really doesn't sound that way.

Ozzy has admitted that he was doing drugs and drinking again, but says he is now sober. He has hopes that he can work things out with Sharon.

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