Sunday, 14 April 2013

North Korea Nuclear Talks

North Korea Nuclear Talks - The countries said the reclusive communist government first must lower tensions and honor previous agreements, Kerry Wraps Asia Tour Inviting North Korea to Nuclear Talks, Secretary of State John Kerry ended his Asian tour with an agreement to work with China, Japan and South Korea to lure North Korea back into nuclear talks. He also left the door open for a U.S. meeting with a volatile dictator who is raising tensions in the Pacific region.

“We’re prepared to reach out,” Kerry told a group of reporters traveling with him in Tokyo yesterday. Any meeting with Kim Jong Un’s government would have to be at the “appropriate moment, appropriate circumstance.”

Kerry devoted his first foray in Asia as the top U.S. diplomat to calming tensions on the Korean peninsula, an effort that has gained some momentum after China agreed to join the U.S. in outlining a road map toward a resolution.

Starting in Seoul and ending in Tokyo, Kerry’s mission was geared toward resurrecting nuclear talks with North Korea that collapsed four years ago. Kerry remained guarded on details and frequently evoked the need for “quiet” diplomacy -- a leitmotif in a trip that also saw him attempt to revive Mideast peace talks -- in order to be effective in breaking recalcitrant positions.

“I can see a way forward,” Kerry explained. “It requires different pieces to fall together.”

Kerry cited President Richard Nixon’s historic trip to China in 1972 as an example of the need to keep back-door maneuvers secret to give space for negotiations to pay off. In his private dealings with China, Kerry said he would keep his cards close to his chest.

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