Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Body In Hospital Linens

Body In Hospital Linens - A Minnesota hospital apologized Wednesday for mishandling a stillborn baby whose body was found in hospital, Body in hospital linens: Baby's body found in linens from Minnesota hospital, A tragic story has come out of Minnesota per the Associated Press on Wednesday, April 17, 2013, and it involves a body found in hospital linens. Police have said that the body of a baby was discovered by a laundry service employee that was washing linens at a Twin Cities hospital.

Police have not released the name of the hospital.

Chief Roger Pohlman, Red Wing Police, said that the body of the baby actually fell out a sheet at Crothall Laundry sometime on Tuesday. At that moment, the employees at the laundry called the St. Paul hospital that owns the dirty linens.

The hospital sent someone to retrieve the body.

Police were not able to see the body when they went over to the laundry to interview the employees as the hospital had already arrived to pick it up. Chief Pohlman says that the police know nothing about the baby. That includes age, gender, identity of the child.

Like normal, the linens were delivered to the laundry service for cleaning and get them back to the hospital when done. Those particular linens had been at the laundry for less than 48 hours before the baby's body was discovered.

An investigation is ongoing and the Red Wing police are working in conjunction with the St. Paul police.

Source: examiner

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