Friday, 19 April 2013

American Pie Actor 911

American Pie Actor 911 - American Pie actor 911, Eddie Kaye Thomas, who starred in “American Pie,” was faced with an emergency situation when a house guest grabbed a knife and barred herself in his residence.

The SWAT team and the Los Angeles Police Department responded and went the home of Thomas, who played Paul Finch in the film, according to the Los Angeles Times. Reported theepochtimes...

The woman, who was not identified, refused to leave the home before she barricaded herself in the home with a knife. She also damaged property inside the residence.

Authorities remained at the house until they got into contact with the woman.

KABC-TV reported that officials fired flash bang grenades and tear gas canisters into the house. After a standoff that lasted a few hours, police entered the home and nabbed her.

Actress Minnie Driver, who lives in the neighborhood, tweeted about the incident.

“It’s not an armed man, it’s a disgruntled woman. Disgruntled is probably the wrong word..just had five rounds of … explosions,” she wrote.

She added: “We are all sitting on the floor in the living room. Henry has a baseball glove and I’m eyeing the wine. Feel sad for this barricaded woman..” Later, she clarified: “And yes I meant glove not bat.”

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