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NFL's Biggest Draft Busts

NFL's Biggest Draft Busts -  Draft Busts, The most talented and athletic college players don't always make the best pros. Take David Carr (pictured), for example, whom the Houston Texans chose first overall in 2002. In anticipation of the 2013 NFL draft on April 25-27, here is a look at some of the worst picks of the past 25 years. Click through to see what they are up to now. 2013 NFL draft,

Brady Quinn

In 2007, leading up to the draft, "experts" compared Brady Quinn to Carson Palmer. He was projected to be drafted in the first half of the first round, but he stayed in the Radio City Music Hall green room much longer than expected. The Cleveland Browns drafted him 22nd overall, and he never turned into a franchise QB. brady quinn back up russell wilson seattle seahawks, brady quinn + seahawks,

Vernon Gholston

Gholston was drafted sixth overall in 2008 and lasted for four seasons with the club. He was a workout warrior, even repping 225 pounds 37 times. All measurables aside, Gholston couldn't make an impact on the field and never recorded a sack with the Jets. Vernon Gholston + new york jets, Vernon Gholston ohio state, Vernon Gholston free agent,

Justin Harrell

Harrell was drafted 16th overall in 2007 by the Green Bay Packers. During his college years (where?), he made play after play, but in Green Bay he immediately drew criticism for showing up out of shape. His career was plagued by injuries, and he was released in July 2011. Justin Harrell + university of tennessee, Justin Harrell unsigned free agent, green bay packers NFL 2013 draft,

Aaron Curry

Aaron Curry + seahawks + $34 million, When the Seahawks drafted Curry fourth overall in 2009, he was given the most guaranteed money to a non-quarterback rookie in NFL history. Two years later, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders - go figure - for a seventh-round pick in the 2012 draft. Aaron Curry + seahawks + $34 million, Aaron Curry free agent after being waived November 20, 2012,

Matt Leinart

Is it fair to say Leinart is a bust? Although it's likely that he will have a job in 2013, he never really has lived up to the expectations that were placed on him. After being drafted 10th overall in 2006 by the Cardinals, he moved on to play for the Houston Texans and, last season, the Oakland Raiders. Matt Leinart  + free agent , oakland raiders 2013 nfl draft picks,

Brian Bosworth

Brian bosworth three-year career with the Seahawks, The Boz was selected in the 1987 supplemental draft . There was tremendous buzz about him based on his colorful nature, but his brief career will be remembered for the time he was steamrolled by Los Angeles Raiders running back Bo Jackson during a Monday night game. Brian bosworth three-year career with the Seahawks, brian bosworth + $11 million contract with Seahawks,

Wendell Bryant

In 2002, the Arizona Cardinals reached for Byrant with the 12th overall selection and paid for it dearly. Bryant, who was suspended repeatedly, was out of the NFL after three seasons. wendell bryant suspended for substance abuse, wendell bryant las vegas locomotives 2009,

Tony Mandarich

Tony Mandarich 6 ft 5 in, 311 lb, The second overall selection in 1989, Mandarich was supposed to revolutionize the offensive tackle position because of his size and athleticism. Instead, he became the poster child for steroid abuse during his three-year stint with the team. Tony Mandarich 6 ft 5 in, 311 lb, Mandarich Media Group + photography + video production + web design + SEO + Internet marketing, Tony Mandarich 2009 book "My Dirty Little Secrets—Steroids, Alcohol & God",

David Klingler

The sixth overall selection in 1992 , Klingler was a product of the run-and-shoot offense. The quarterback put up big college numbers but couldn't adjust to how an NFL offense was structured. David Klinger assistant professor at Dallas Theological Seminary,

Andre Ware

Whoever coined the cliché "system quarterback" probably had Ware, selected in the first round of the 1990 draft, in mind. He was brilliant at orchestrating an innovative run-and-shoot attack that had college opponents on their heels. But that scheme didn't work for long in the NFL, once defensive coordinators learned how to diffuse it. Ware became yet another failed signal caller (for what team?) on a list that dates to Bobby Layne's heyday in the 1950s. Andre Ware sports analyst and commentator, Andre Ware inducted into Texas Sports Hall of Fame,

Akili Smith

The third overall selection of the 1999 draft, Smith was overmatched from the start. He was picked way too high by the team and wound up out of the NFL. Akili Smith played four seasons for Cincinnati Bengals, Akili Smith quarterbacks coach for St. Augustine High School in San Diego, Akili Smith  played for Frankfurt Galaxy,

Heath Shuler

First-round draft picks aren't supposed to get outplayed by seventh-rounders. But that's what happened to Shuler, who was beaten out for a starting spot by a fellow Class of 1994 member. Shuler's NFL career ended after four horrific seasons in Washington and New Orleans. Heath Shuler U.S. Representative for North Carolina's 11th congressional district from 2007 to 2013,

Quincy Carter

After earning a starting spot and leading his team to a playoff appearance in 2003, Carter was released the next preseason. Unfortunately, his demise wasn't a matter of talent. quincy carter + Jets, Canadian, Arena and Arena 2, quincy carter bipolar disorder,

Lawrence Phillips

This sixth overall selection in 1996 was troubled from the start: The St. Louis Rams gambled that Phillips would put some off-field issues behind him, but that never happened, and they cut him. Lawrence Phillips played two seasons for St. Louis Rams, Lawrence Phillips serving 31-year prison sentence, Quarterback Steve Young's career ended with missed block,

Jeff George

This is a prime example of how a player's athletic gifts don't automatically translate into victories. Jeff George had a 46-78 starting record for five teams in an 11-season span. His cannon arm was Hall of Fame caliber, but his attitude rubbed so many of his teammates and coaches the wrong way that George became a journeyman who never played in an NFL game after 2001. Jeff George offers to step in for Brett Favre, gatorade national player of the year award,

Todd Marinovich

Marinovich's struggles have extended far beyond the gridiron. Rigorously groomed for football stardom by his father, Marinovich crumbled in the NFL under heavy pressure and ridiculously high expectations. He lasted only two years but has remained in the headlines because of off-field problems that included a hardcore drug addiction.

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf + five year sentence on felony drug, burglary charge, The second overall selection in the 1998 draft (who was the first?) was supposed to be the next franchise quarterback in this team's history, but Leaf's commitment to the game was in question the day he signed his contract, and he never seemed like he cared about playing. Ryan Leaf + five year sentence on felony drug, burglary charge,

JaMarcus Russell

Russell, the first overall selection of the 2007 draft, clearly did not care about becoming a good quarterback despite his obvious talent. He seemed indifferent to coaching and was cut after three seasons. jamarcus russell $61 million contract with Raiders, jamarcus russell codeine syrup arrest,

Tim Couch

The right-handed passer, who was selected with the first overall pick in the 1999 draft, never made much of an impact with the Browns. He continuously battled inaccuracy and injuries during his time in Cleveland. Tim Couch played five seasons with the Browns,

Courtney Brown

Brown, who was selected with the first pick in the 2000 draft, just couldn't stay healthy long enough to extend his career. He played only one full season in his five with the team and was out of the league after seven injury-plagued years. courtney lanair brown broncos 2005,

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