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Entertainers Turned Politicians

Entertainers Turned Politicians - Entertainers turned politicians, Actress and college basketball fan Ashley Judd ended months of speculation by announcing via Twitter that she would not challenge US Sen.Ashley Judd Regretfully I am currently unable to consider a campaign for the Senate.Mitch McConnell for a Kentucky Senate seat in 2014. Had she entered the race, she would have joined a bevy of entertainers – from an action movie star to a cute-as-a-button child actress – who have performed on the biggest stage of all: politics.

Mayor of Fresno: Alan Autry

This two-term mayor of Fresno, Calif., played a Mississippi lawman in the TV series “In the Heat of the Night.” Since leaving office, he has been working on film projects but could make a bid for a higher office.
Alan Autry also appeared in a CW series Hart of Dixie.

A member of the Parliament of India: Amitabh Bachchan

The career of this Bollywood action hero spans four decades. He switched to politics in 1984, but a corruption scandal led him to quit the Indian Parliament three years later (Amitabh Bachchan not guilty bofors scandal).

A Green Party presidential candidate: Roseanne Barr

This comedienne, who produced laughs on a blue-collar-family sitcom, entered the 2012 presidential race supporting marijuana legalization and other issues. Roseanne Barr more than 8,000 votes in Florida.

A US representative: Sonny Bono

This ’60s hit song shot this entertainer and his wife to fame. Later, he returned to the limelight as a mayor Palm Springs California. In 1994, he was elected to the US House but died in a ski crash.

A California governor recall candidate: Mary Carey actress director

This adult film actress entered the vast field of candidates to replace California Gov. Gray Davis in 2003. Although her candidacy was part of a publicity stunt, she and the other celebrity candidates attracted lots of attention.
Mary Carey breast implants auction Susan G Komen.

A presidential candidate: Stephen Colbert

This faux-news host (The Colbert Report) pokes fun at US politics. But he raised the stakes by running for president -- twice (Stephen Colbert for president 2008 2012). For the 2012 race, he enlisted an ex-GOP hopeful for the South Carolina primary. His campaign ended soon after.

A second California governor recall candidate:Gary Coleman

Health problems (Congenital Kidney Disease) , arrests, bankruptcy and lawsuits dogged the diminutive former child star (find out his sitcom). In 2003, the actor ( : Per AP style, we don't use "late" to describe someone's actions when they were alive.)  launched a half-serious bid for governor (Gary Coleman received 14,242 votes) of the Golden State.
Gary Coleman dies seizure fall, Gary Coleman Shannon price domestic violence.

A US representative candidate: Nancy Kulp

The “Beverly Hillbillies” actress dabbled in politics after playing the lovelorn spinster for nine years. The Democrat lost her congressional race in Pennsylvania, which took an ugly turn when her former co-star endorsed her Republican rival.

Mayor of Carmel: Clint Wastwood

When this iconic actor (what’s his famous catchphrase? Go ahead, make my day) took the reins of Carmel, Calif., he fought bureaucracy with a no-nonsense style reminiscent of his crime-fighting alter ego.

President of the Philippines: Joseph Estrada

Much like his roles, this Filipino actor cultivated a Robin Hood persona when he was elected to lead the Philippines in 1998. But corruption accusations marred his three-year term, and he was later impeached.
Joseph Estrada elected vice president and president, Joseph Estrada adopted stage name father objected to career.

A US senator: Al Franken

It took a ruling by the Minnesota high court before this “Saturday Night Live” alum could take his US Senate seat in 2009. The Gopher State Democrat already has his eyes on 2016 by making a key hire.

An ambassador to Mexico: John Gavin

A supporting part in “Psycho” raised this hunky actor’s profile in Hollywood, but his business acumen in the US and Latin America helped him land an ambassador appointment to Mexico by a former thespian-turned-president.
John Gavin signed to James Bond diamonds are forever.

A US representative:Fred Grandy

He was known as the lovable, bumbling Gopher on a long-running hit TV series, but the Iowa Republican took his role as a lawmaker seriously by serving four terms. He later became CEO of a global nonprofit organization.
Fred Grandy governor of Iowa lost by 4 percent. Fred Grandy fluent French and Arabic.

A member of British Parliament: Glenda Jackson Actress

This British actress was known for her sexy characters, one of which earned her an Oscar. But it was her brain that helped her craft a career in Parliament. The Labour Party member is set to vacate her post in 2015.

A presidential adviser: Kal Penn

A case of the munchies in the stoner hit "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" made this Indian-American actor a cult favorite. He later halted his career to advise President Barack Obama.
White House Liaison Asian Americans and Arts,

An Argentinian vice presidential candidate: Eva Peron

A fateful marriage to a soldier-turned-politician propelled this singer-actress (Evita) to prominence. She became the first lady of Argentina in 1946, but opposition and a serious illness forced her to decline the nomination for the 1952 election.
Eva Peron women's right to vote.

A US president: Ronald Reagan

This president, who starred in more than 50 films, helped end the Cold War, reshaped the US nuclear defense, incited the dismantling of a symbol of Communism and became an icon of the conservative movement.

Governor of California: Arnold Schwarzenegger

The five-time Mr. Universe first conquered Hollywood and then muscled his way into California politics during the 2003 gubernatorial recall. The “Terminator” star tackled budget woes in two terms, but when he left office a personal bombshell caused a marital crisis.

Mayor of Cincinnati: Jerry Springer

Fans may know this host by his tabloid TV show’s infamous brawls, but Ohio citizens may remember his voting age advocacy, work on the city council and the sex scandal that rocked his administration while he was overseeing Cincinnati.
Jerry Springer paying for sex scandal.

A New York gubernatorial candidate: Howard Stern

In 1994, the self-proclaimed media king put his name in the New York governor’s race, running as a Libertarian on issues ranging from traffic tolls to the death penalty. After a five-month campaign, the shock jock withdrew from the race for failing to do this.

A US ambassador for the United Nations: Shirley Temple

This former child actor’s dimpled smile and tap dancing soothed the country during the Great Depression. Forty films later, the actress left Hollywood and later served as a diplomat to the UN and an African nation.
Shirley Temple black Kennedy center honors.

A US senator from Tennessee: Fred Thompson

During his nearly 10-year career in the US Senate, the Tennessee lawmaker (Republican Party) accepted the role of the D.A. on the NBC drama “Law & Order.” He would later quit the series ahead of a brief presidential run in the 2008 election.

Governor of Minnesota: Jesse Ventura

This former World Wrestling Federation star left his surfer persona and pink garb behind when he entered the political ring. His reform-minded views first scored him a victory as mayor of this suburban town and later as Minnesota governor in 1998.

Congressional candidate: Ralph Waite

The award-winning actor, who portrayed the patriarch on “The Waltons,” sought public office twice. He ran for Congress in 1990 but lost. The Democrat later pursued the seat left vacant after US Rep. Sonny Bono died (Mary Bono won).

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