Monday, 13 August 2012

Adam Lambert Huge New Arm Tattoo

Adam Lambert Huge New Arm Tattoo - If you haven’t already heard, Adam has a new tattoo! It’s a lazy “8? lying on its side — the standard symbol for infinity. I suppose you could also say it stands for eternity. But what does it mean, lying there directly above/below his eye of Horus tattoo? If you look at the eye straight on, the infinity tat looks like it’s below the eye of Horus. So even though the new tattoo is above the older one as your eyes would travel up Adam’s arm, I’d say the new infinity tattoo — the lazy 8 — is officially below the eye of horus.

So what does that mean, if anything? Why not put the infinity symbol on the other wrist? My guess is that the two together have significant meaning for Adam.

The eye of horus is an Egyptian symbol associated with Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. In a divine battle, Horus’ left eye was plucked out. When the eye was healed and restored to Horus, he found out it had great powers to heal and protect. Since then, the eye of horus has symbolized healing and protection.

The downward spiral under the eye is similar to the eye markings on a hawk; Horus’ head was that of a falcon. Green and blue are often used in amulets of the eye of Horus, as it is in Adam’s eye of Horus tattoo. Those colors symbolized growth and regeneration to ancient Egyptians. Horus himself came to symbolize light and good, while the eye itself stood for the struggle between light and dark, good and evil. That’s all nice, but for me the eye of Horus will forever be associated with Adam, his music, and the light he has brought into my own life.

The infinity sign needs little or no explanation. Anyone who has had any algebra might recognize this mathematical sign. It means forever, infinite, ever-lasting, eternal, having no end. (Kind of like my love for Adam!)

So put them together and you have healing and protection forever, until the end of time. Even if Adam didn’t mean it this way, that is certainly my wish for him, his music, and all those around him. May they all be blessed and protected — forever.

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