Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lovejoy High School Scandal

Lovejoy High School Scandal - Lovejoy High School Cheerleader, A Lovejoy High School scandal has shocked locals and has now led to the resignation of a Clayton County cheerleading coach.The coach has been forced to resign after accusations that she allowed members of the cheerleading team to sleepover at her house and that they took off their clothes during the gathering.

Parents and locals have been understandably outraged at the incident and their concerns have led to renewed warnings to all teachers in powerful positions of responsibility that they should act appropriately in all situations with children.

One of the mothers of a girl who attended the alleged sleepover in July has spoken to Channel 2 Action News. She explained that she had only just learned of the incident and that her daughter had not told her about it as she was too ashamed.

Speaking about the incident involving her 9th grade daughter that mother said, "I'm just totally ****** off. It's past upset. I'm ****** off."

The incident surrounds a sleepover held at the cheerleading coach's house, which parents did in fact sign permission slips for their children to attend. However, the type of activities they would be involved in were not disclosed in advance, and parents had no idea that the sleepover would include stripping.

At the gathering the coach instigated a "Judge and Jury" game intended to be a bonding experience for the girls, according to WSBTV2. According to reports the senior cheerleaders were given the positions on the jury, with the coach being the judge. Each team member was brought up one by one and put on trial.

Those on trial were asked various questions which if they got wrong would result in them having to run laps around the school field, or remove an article of clothing.

It has been alleged that up to a dozen girls were stripped down to their underwear through the so-called trials, with some even allegedly commanded to "expose themselves" when they lacked enough clothing to continue.

The incident is under investigation.


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