Sunday, 26 May 2013

Arrested Development on Netflix

Arrested Development on Netflix - Arrested Development on Netflix, Seven years after its cancelation by the Fox Network, "Arrested Development" made its return Sunday on Netflix. The verdict's are still coming in, but the early notices are mixed.

The premiere episode in the show's Season 4 was called "Flight Of the Phoenix," but all of the 15 new episodes are available for viewing now. Ardent fans welcomed Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Will Cross, Michael Cera, Portia de Rossi and the rest of the Bluth's back beginning at 3 a.m. E.T. Sunday.

Several critics saw the nature of on-demand online streaming as having an ill effect on approach taken by the groundbreaking comedy's creator Mitch Hurwitz and the show itself.

Most missed was the frenetic pace of the show, at least by the New York Times' Mike Hale, who recalled the show's glory days -- they weren't that glorious, since it was canceled -- and its unique rapid-fire approach.

"That density was, along with the performances, the best thing about the show, and it took away any need to make the story rational or even engaging in any conventional sense," Hale wrote. "It also meant that most of the characters could be one-dimensional cartoons — mean mother, venal father, materialistic sister, dumb brother-in-law — as long as the writers were endlessly inventive in making fun of them and in embroidering their comic universe."

He also noted that the show's new length -- 32 minutes, sans commercials on Netflix, vs. 21 with commercials on Fox -- didn't do it any favors.

"Story and character now overshadow jokes and conceptual foolery, but for all their new prominence, they're still as thin and rudimentary as they were in the first three seasons — and watching the episodes in large doses further exposes their deficiencies."

Not everyone felt that way, and several critics noted the extremely high bar the show had set for itself, further heightened by the hype that has preceded its Netflix launch.

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