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Whitford Paid $22,000 For His 1971 Ferrari Daytona

Whitford Paid $22,000 For His 1971 Ferrari Daytona - I am a Belgian racing fan and after reading a book (the title escapes me at the moment) about drivers who paid speeds ultimate prize, I am thinking of building a website to honour those who pherished pursuing their dream.

I have started to compile a list of drivers who died in races and in test or qualifing. In all my effort I even stretched beyond F1. I never tought the list would be so enormous. Now I’m looking for some help. I’m still missing a few data in that list and probably made some errors in it. If there are other drivers that are not in the list, but should be feel free to help me make this list as compelete as possible.

Also I would like some articles, bio’s, pictures about the drivers in the list. I have already got some material but i haven’t got it all worked out yet.

If there are people out there that would like to help, they can drop a note in my mailbox. I will send you the list I compiled (in .XLS format)

I’m not doing this to prove that autoracing is dangerous… i just want to make sure people will remmember those pilots who died with their boots on, doing what the liked. Living life to the fullest.



Sep 19 2000, 01:04

If I can find my F1 book, I can give you a list of almost every F1 driver that has been kiiled since 1950. But Im sure by the time I do you will have finished your list, but Ill try and help you out.

Darren Galpin

Sep 19 2000, 06:59

Drop me the list and I’ll take a look. Perhaps I can add the odd F3 driver etc.

Hans Etzrodt

Sep 19 2000, 08:29

If you want to include Antonio Ascari, Bernd Rosemeyer, Dick Seaman, Achille Varzi, Jean-Pierre Wimille and all the others not so famous before 1950, send me your list.

alessandro silva

Sep 19 2000, 09:03

If you send me the list, I’m willing to help.
alessandro silva


Sep 19 2000, 09:51

(Off track driving related deaths are not included.)
1950 (1)Raymond Sommer Haute Garonne Formula 3 Grand Prix, Cadours, France
(2)Joe Fry Hill-climb, Blandford Camp, Dorset, England
1952 Luigi Fagioli Sportscar Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, Monaco
1953 (3)Charles de Tornaco Formula 2 Grand Prix, Modena, Italy
(4)Felice Bonetto Carrera Panamericana race, Silao, Mexico
1954 (5)Onofre Marimon German Grand Prix, Nürburgring, Germany
(6)Guy Mairesse Coupe de Paris Formula 2 race, Montlhéry, Paris, France
1955 (7)Alberto Ascari Testing at Monza circuit, Italy
(8)Pierre Levegh 24 hour race, Le Mans, France
(9)Don Beauman Leinster Trophy race in County Wicklow, Ireland
1956 (10)Louis Rosier Coupe de Salon sportscar race, Montlhéry, France
1957 (11)Ken Wharton Sportscar race, Ardmore, New Zealand
(12)Eugenio Castellotti Grand Prix testing, Modena, Italy
(13)Alfonso de Portago Mille Miglia race between Goito & Guidizzolo, Italy
(14)Piero Carini Sportscar race, St Etienne, France
(15)Bill Whitehouse Formula 2 Coupe de Vitesse race, Reims, France
(16)Herbert MacKay-Fraser Formula 2 Coupe de Vitesse race, Reims, France
1958 Stuart Lewis-Evans died from burns received in the Morrocan Grand Prix
(17)Archie Scott-Brown Sportscar race at Spa, Belgium
(18)Peter Collins German Grand Prix, Nürburgring, Germany
(19)Luigi Musso French Grand Prix, Reims, France
(20)Peter Whitehead Tour de France Automobile, Lasalle, France
(21)Erwin Bauer 1000KM Sportscar race, Nürburgring, Germany
1959 (22)Jean Behra Formula 2 race at the AVUS circuit in Berlin
(23)Ivor Bueb Auvergne Trophy race at Clermont Ferrand, France
1960 (24)Harry Blanchard 1000KM sports car race in Buenos Aires
(25)Ettore Chimeri Cuban sports car race, Havana, Cuba
(26)Harry Schell International Trophy at Silverstone, England
(27)Chris Bristow Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
(28)Alan Stacey Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
1961 (29)Giulio Cabianca Testing at Modena
(30)Wolfgang von Trips Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Italy
1962 (31)Peter Ryan Coupe de Vitesse des Junior race, Reims, France
(32)Ricardo Rodriguez Mexican Grand Prix, Mexico City
1964 (33)Tim Mayer Tasman Cup race, Longford, Tasmania, Australia
(34)Carel de Beaufort German Grand Prix, Nürburgring, Germany
1966 (35)Walt Hansgen Testing for 24 Hour race, Le Mans, France
(36)John Taylor German Grand Prix, Nürburgring, Germany
1967 (37)Lorenzo Bandini Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo
(38)”Geki” Italian Formula 3 race, Caserta, Italy
(39)Bob Anderson Testing at Silverstone, England
(40)Georges Berger Endurance race, Nürburgring, Germany
(41)Ian Raby Formula 2 race, Zandvoort, Netherlands
1968 (42)Jim Clark European Formula 2 race, Hockenheim, Germany
(43)Mike Spence Practise for Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA
(44)Ludovico Scarfiotti Hill climb, Rossfeld, Germany
(45)Jo Schlesser French Grand Prix, Rouen, France
1969 (46)Lucien Bianchi Testing for 24 Hour race, Le Mans, France
(47)Paul Hawkins Tourist Trophy Race, Oulton Park, England
(48)Moises Solana Hill climb, Valle de Bravo, Mexico
1970 (49)Bruce McLaren Testing for Can-Am race, Goodwood, England
(50)Piers Courage Dutch Grand Prix, Zandvoort, Netherlands
(51)Jochen Rindt Practice for Italian Grand Prix, Monza, Italy
1971 (52)Ignazio Giunti 1,000KM Sportscar race, Buenos Aires, Argentina
(53)Pedro Rodriguez Interseries sportscar race, Norisring, Germany
(54)Jo Siffert Rothmans Victory Race, Brands Hatch, England
1972 (55)Jo Bonnier 24 Hour race, Le Mans, France
1973 (56)Roger Williamson Dutch Grand Prix, Zandvoort, Netherlands
(57)Francois Cevert Practise for USA Grand Prix, Watkins Glen, USA
(58)Nasif Estefano Turismo Carretara endurance race, South America
1974 (59)Peter Revson South African Grand Prix, Kyalami, South Africa
(60)Silvio Moser 1,000KM Sportscar race, Monza, Italy
(61)Helmut Koinigg USA Grand Prix, Watkins Glen, USA
1975 (62)Mark Donohue Austrian Grand Prix, Österreichring, Austria
1977 (63)Tom Pryce South African Grand Prix, Kyalami, South Africa
1978 (64)Ronnie Peterson Italian Grand Prix, Monza, Italy
1980 (65)Patrick Depailler Testing at Hockenheim, Germany
1982 (66)Gilles Villeneuve Belgian Grand Prix, Zolder, Belgium
(67)Riccardo Paletti Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal, Canada
1983 (68)Rolf Stommelen IMSA sportscar race, Riverside, USA
1985 (69)Manfred Winkelhock Sportscar race, Mosport Park, Ontario, Canada
(70)Stefan Bellof Sportscar race, Spa-Francorchamps
1986 (71)Elio de Angelis Testing at Paul Ricard, France
(72)Jo Gartner 24 Hour race, Le Mans, France
1994 (73)Roland Ratzenberger San Marino Grand Prix, Imola, Italy
(74)Ayrton Senna San Marino Grand Prix, Imola, Italy


Sep 19 2000, 13:11

Rainer Nyberg has a *very* complete list called “Fatal accidents in motor racing”, which also covers various other racing categories, apart from GP/F1. Drop him a line at and he might send you the Word file.

Barry Lake

Sep 19 2000, 14:54

Is it possible that Rainer Nyberg’s list could be shown on this thread so we all could see it?
Or perhaps it could go on to one or more of the appropriate web sites. That way he would get full credit for his work.


Sep 19 2000, 16:07

Barry, I will get in touch with Rainer about that. He sent me the file some time ago – even if the subject is a bit morbid the list is phenomenal in its quality. I could post its contents right here and now but I want to make sure he agrees on me doing so.

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