Sunday, 19 May 2013

Madonna B12 Injections

Madonna B12 Injections – Madonna Workout, The celebrity has recently revealed about her strange health habits and workout routines that she uses some B6 and B12 vitamins injections in her arm to look more young, healthier and hot.

The actors were struck down in 2007 with a spate of illnesses and the super-healthy singer decided to take matters into her own hands. The power of B12 for youth and energy gets a roundabout endorsement.

Madonna’s look and manner of dressing, her performances and her music videos started influencing young girls and women. Her style became a female fashion trend of the 1980s.

It was created by stylist and jewelry designer Maripol and the look consisted of lace tops, skirts over capri pants, fishnet stockings, jewelry bearing the crucifix, bracelets, and bleached hair. She achieved global recognition after the release of her second studio album: Like a Virgin in 1984.

Vitamin B12 shots are usually given to people with vitamin B12 deficiency , but stars are also finding that the benefits of vitamin B12 shots include:

* Weight loss
* Energy
* Clear skin
* Thick hair
* Stress reduction

Not bad, for one water-soluble vitamin. B12 shots are painful, though, and you have to take them in the buttocks.

Madonna seems to be a healthy celebrity because she is very active and supposedly eats well.

But the pop superstar recently freaked out fellow passengers on a trans-Atlantic flight with her seemingly un-healthy behaviour — not only did she not eat a single thing on the 7-hour flight, but she injected herself with vitamins in her arms. It’s believed that she injected vitamins B6 and B12 to boost her energy.

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