Friday, 24 May 2013

Dad Who Drowned Sons

Dad Who Drowned Sons - Dad Who Drowned Sons, The dad who drowned his sons “because he wanted to be a father and thought that was being taken away” received the death penalty. After the sentence was announced he said, "I apologize for bringing any pain and hurt on anybody for the actions that I have caused to you all," reported NBC News Dallas-Fort Worth on May 23, 2013.

The two children who have been hurt most by Naim Rasool Muhammad’s actions, his sons -- five-year-old Naim and three-year-old Elijah – are no longer alive after their dad drowned them in a Dallas-area creek.

    “During a taped confession from an interview with investigators that played in court May 14, Muhammad confessed to the murders. The video showed Muhammad telling investigators that he told the children to pretend they were swimming and then held them underwater until they drowned.”

Last week, it took the Dallas County jury less than 10 minutes to find the 34-year-old dad who drowned his sons guilty. On Thursday, it took the same jury about three and a half hours to give the dad who drowned his sons the death penalty.

Naim Rasool Muhammad’s reason for killing his two young sons and his apology fell on empty ears in the courtroom audience who had to listen to one of the most heinous crimes that a father can commit.

During the trial, the jury heard from the prosecutor that the dad drowned his sons after the two children’s mother had begun dating someone new. On the day of the murder, in August of 2011, the dad used a brick to force the two boys and their mother into his car while they were walking to school. It was supposed to be five-year-old Naim’s first day of school.

While the two boys’ mom was able to jump out of the car at an intersection and tell a constable who was nearby that the dad had taken the two boys, by the time police were notified, the car was already gone.

The boys’ dad was no stranger to the police or Texas Child Protective Services officials. Naim Rasool Muhammad’s criminal record spanned over 20 years and after having routinely beaten his wife, the children and their mother had to flee to a shelter. Their youngest child, a one-year-old, was at another location on the day that the dad took five-year-old Naim’s and three-year-old Elijah’s life.

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