Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pizza Man Cocaine Delivery

Pizza Man Cocaine Delivery - Have you heard about the pizza man cocaine delivery? On Thursday, May 16, a bizarre story hit the Internet about a pizza delivery man who used his job as a cover to make drug sales door-to-door.

According to multiple news outlets like CBS News, a man named Ramon Rodriguez is accused of using his Papa John’s job to make 19 cocaine deliveries around New York City.

Rodriguez was ultimately busted by an undercover police officer, who offered Rodriguez $27,500 in exchange for the drugs.

According to CBS, the alleged criminal used his pizza delivery job as a clever guise to his drug dealing:

“Rodriguez was wearing his Papa John’s uniform when he met the undercover officer outside the restaurant’s Sunset Park location Wednesday night. After meeting the officer, Rodriguez went back into the shop and came out carrying a bag, pizza box and a chicken nuggets box, according to authorities.”

The pizza box, of course, didn’t contain any cheese, pepperoni, or mushrooms. Instead, the pizza box held a kilo of cocaine.

It is believed that Rodriguez would either deliver the drugs to certain buyers while on the job in uniform, or he would skip out on his job temporarily to make a cocaine delivery.

If convicted, Rodriguez of course will be looking at serious jail time. Rodriguez is 45-years-old.

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