Friday, 10 May 2013

Kidnap Victim Shuns Family

Kidnap Victim Shuns Family - Michelle Knight, one of the Cleveland kidnap victims, has asked that her family not visit her at the hospital while she is recovering from 11 years of abuse and torture, according to on May 10. Evidently, Michelle feels that her closest family and friends didn't even look for her when she went missing years ago.

Knight, 32, disappeared in 2002 after a custody disagreement that involved her young son at that time. Her family figured that she has run off on her own. When Ariel Castro, the alleged kidnapper and rapist, let Knight and her fellow captors Amanda Berry, 27, and Gina DeJesus, 23, watch TV, he teased them when it showed the candlelight vigils held in their honor. Knight's family never held any vigils, since they thought she has left on her own.

Michelle, who was held hostage the longest of the trio, suffered horribly while she was being held captive. According to the police report, she went through at least five miscarriages and Castro is accused of not letting her eat and beating on her stomach so she would miscarry when she became pregnant.

When she went missing in 2002, Knight was 20-years-old and a single mother. Right before she disappeared, she lost a custody battle and the child welfare authorities took her toddler son away from her .

Source: examiner

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