Saturday, 4 May 2013

Airline Sued Over Soda: Man Refuses to use Touch Screen Ordering System

Airline Sued Over Soda - Airline sued over soda: Man refuses to use touch screen ordering system - The touch screens located in the seat back of Virgin America chairs allow customers to order food and drinks, and more recently even order refreshments for each other. But one man who wanted things done the old fashioned way is now suing the airline.

Salvatore Bevivino, 52, is suing Virgin America after a flight that ended with FBI questioning. It all started when Bevivino wanted a soda. He pressed his call button and was told repeatedly to order using the touch screen located on the seat back in front of him San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Bevivino continued to refuse and was handed a soda after he threatened to complain to the airline. The soda spat could have ended there, but Bevivino allegedly wasn't ready to let the matter go.

The flight crew reported to police that Bevivino told a flight attendent, "My time is precious — you are here to serve me." They also reported that the man later used the restroom and came out using profanities and smiling. He left the bathroom door open and purposely didn't flush the toilet.

Now Bevivino is suing the airline for upwards of $500,000 in damages for being detained by FBI upon his arrival; he denies the crew's story. To think this could have all been avoided had he just pressed a few buttons on the touch screen.

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