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Celebs Colleges [PHOTOS]

Celebs Colleges [PHOTOS] - Celebs' colleges, Before they were famous, they were students, though not all graduated or departed their institutions of higher learning on good terms. See which of these celebs partied, pranked, played, cheered and studied their way through or out of college, and check out their career aspirations before they decided to give in to the spotlight.

Mario Batali

The clues: The joy of cooking came later for the chef, who double majored in Spanish theater and economics at a New Jersey university.
George W. Bush

The clues: After giving up his megaphone in high school, the 41st U.S. president joined his college baseball team, becoming a second base starter while pursuing a degree in history. George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum + SMU,
Julia Child

The clues: One of the first celebrity chefs did not attend cooking school but did manage to earn a degree in history from a New England liberal arts college.
George Clooney

The clues: The Academy Award-winning actor and Kentuckian didn't travel far to college, where he was a known party animal and class skipper who eventually dropped out to pursue acting. George Clooney + Gravity,
Thad Cochran

The clues: The U.S. senator opted not to leave his home state of Mississippi to pursue a degree in psychology, join a fraternity and serve on the cheerleading squad.
Sean "Diddy" Combs

The clues: The former business major at a Washington, D.C., university dropped out to intern at an up- and-coming record label, eventually becoming talent director in charge of developing Jodeci and Mary J. Blige.Sean Combs + Draft Day, Sean Combs + AQUAhydrate, 
Salvador Dali

The clues: The eccentric artist was expelled from a Madrid academy after criticizing the qualifications of his professors. san fernando royal academy of fine art art +madrid, Dali + watercolour fruit studies, 
Giada De Laurentiis

The clues: The celebrity chef studied baking and pastry at a prominent Paris culinary institute, but before studying abroad, she was in California earning her bachelor's degree in social anthropology. Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Giada De Laurentiis + Recipe for Adventure, Giada De Laurentiis + SU2C,
Michael Dell

The clues: While a freshman pre-med student at a Lone Star state university, the computer whiz sold and upgraded computers out of his dorm room and eventually dropped out to further pursue his buy direct concept. Dell Medical School + The University of Texas at Austin,
Brian Dennehy

The clues: The two-time Tony Award winner started out at a New York Ivy League school on a football scholarship and later transferred to another in Connecticut to pursue dramatic arts.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

The clues: Before the 34th U.S. president took on enemies of the state, he battled opponents on the gridiron at a prominent New York military academy.
Bobby Flay

The clues: After dropping out of high school at 17 and working at an ice cream franchise, the chef  became part of the first graduating class at a culinary institute thanks to his father's business partner footing the tuition bill. French Culinary Institute +international culinary center, Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction,
Gerald R. Ford

The clues: The 38th U.S. president donned maize and blue as a center and linebacker for this Midwestern university football team, helping them receive back to back national championships.
Robert Frost

The clues: The respected poet was a bit of a prankster at a New Hampshire liberal arts college and was expelled for shaving a picture in another student's hair, which violated the school's hazing policy.
Hill Harper

The clues: While a student at a prominent law school, the "CSI: NY" actor befriended a future U.S. president over a game of basketball.
William Randolph Hearst

The clues: The successful publisher was kicked out of an East Coast university after gifting his professors with personalized chamber pots.
Mick Jagger

The clues: This member of The Rolling Stones enrolled in a London college with aspirations of becoming a journalist or politician but left to pursue music.
Steve Jobs

The clues: Although he dropped out of college after the first semester, the Apple co-founder credits a calligraphy course in the trailblazing Oregon town for inspiring various typefaces and fonts for the Mac. Laurene Powell Jobs + College Track,
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

The clues: Long before he became an actor or threw the "People's Elbow" in the wrestling ring, his skills as a defensive tackle earned his college football team a 1991 national championship.
Emeril Lagasse

The clues: His knack for percussion earned him a music scholarship (to where?) but aspirations of becoming a chef led him to pursue that dream at a Rhode Island university.

The clues: The iconic entertainer attended college in her home state to study dance but dropped out and moved to New York to pursue dance as a career.
Conan O'Brien

The clues: The late-night funny man served as president and writer for his university's humor magazine and graduated magna cum laude with a degree history and literature.
Jamie Oliver

The clues: The "Naked Chef" dropped out of high school due to an acute learning disorder but later perfected his culinary skills at a college in his native England.
Ronald Reagan

The clues: The 40th U.S. president and former actor also dabbled in athletics, participating in football and serving as swim team captain at an Illinois liberal arts college.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

The clues: The 32nd U.S. president was a C student, a member of a fraternity and editor-in-chief of his college's daily newspaper.
Richard Mellon Scaife

The clues: The prominent newspaper publisher's rowdy drunkenness got him expelled from a Connecticut university after the beer keg he rolled down the stairs at a party broke another student's leg.
Percy Bysshe Shelley

The clues: The romantic poet and lyricist was known for his salacious prose, but school officials felt he went too far and expelled him after he refused to apologize for writing a pamphlet that attacked Christianity.
Howard Stern

The clues: Before being crowned the "Shock Jock," he traded New York for Boston to attend college, working at the school's radio station and earning a degree in communications.
Ben Stiller

The clues: The comedic actor was famous for entertaining guests at fraternity parties, but the film student dropped out of the California university to move to New York and pursue acting.
Michael Symon

The clues: After breaking his arm in a high school wrestling practice session, the chef took a job as a cook at a local rib joint and later further developed his craft at a New York culinary institute.
Ted Turner

The clues: The media mogul's tenure at a Rhode Island university was short lived due to his expulsion for being caught in a dorm room with a girl.
Sela Ward

The clues: The Southern belle and "CSY: NY" actress was homecoming queen and a cheerleader in college, where she majored in art and advertising.
J.C. Watts

The clues: Before representing the people of Oklahoma, he led his home-state college team to consecutive Orange Bowl victories as quarterback and earned a degree in journalism.
Oprah Winfrey

The clues: The media mogul and Mississippian left a TennesseeHBCU one credit shy of a degree in communication to become a news anchor but returned more than10 years later to complete her coursework.
Reese Witherspoon

The clues: The "Legally Blonde" Southern actress majored in English literature at an university out West for one year before leaving to perfect her acting chops

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