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Plastic Surgery Gone Bad [VIDEO]

Plastic Surgery Gone Bad [VIDEO] - Many people in the public eye have been rumored to have had some work done. While surgeries like Michael Jackson plastic surgery or Janice Dickinson’s appear extreme, others are making us wonder.  See who made our list of people who may have gone a little too far under the knife.  michael jackson plastic surgery,

Nicole Coco Austin plastic surgery, ”Ice Loves Coco” star and wife of rapper Ice-T, Nicole “Coco” Austin, reportedly admitted to getting one type of surgery breast augmentation.  However, there is much speculation about work being done on another part of her body Nicole coco austin butt implants. coco austin,  ice loves coco, nicole coco austin butt implants,  nicole coco austin before surgery,
Joe Biden plastic surgery, Vice President Joe Biden, 69, supposedly had a procedure done back in the ’80s joe biden hair transplant. Some doctors say, because the technology was so new at the time, Biden now has a bad side effect of the surgery joe biden bald spot.  joe biden hair transplant, joe biden bald spot,
Pete Burns plastic surgery, Former frontman of the band Dead or Alive you spin me round like a record, Pete Burns, has had extensive cosmetic surgeries.  In 2007, Burns sued his plastic surgeon pete burns sues lip surgery and later received an out-of-court settlement.  you spin me round like a record, pete burns sues lip surgery,
Carrot Top plastic surgery, Comedian Carrot Top, 47, is well-known for his unique look and style of comedy.  However, rumors started pouring in after the funny man’s face and body started changing dramatically brow lift. brow lift, carrot top before surgery,
Hillary Clinton plastic surgery, Secretary of State and former first lady Hillary Clinton, 64, has been in the public eye for many years.  Although she’s never admitted to any plastic surgeries, there are many who believe she’s had several procedures done botox.  hillary clinton before surgery,
Nikki Cox plastic surgery, At one point actress Nikki Cox, 33, was best known for her roles on “Las Vegas” and a hit sitcom unhappily ever after.  Now-a-days, however, she’s getting more recognition for possibly going a little overboard with alleged lip injections cheek enhancement. unhappily ever after, las vegas tv show, cheek enhancement,
Jenni JWoww Farley plastic surgery, ”Jersey Shore” star Jenni “JWoww” Farley, 24, has been very open about her past surgeries she get done jenni jwoww farley br**t implants.  However, on the premiere of the show’s fourth season, she seemed to have a new look.  Among the rumored changes, many people believe she had this done jenni jwoww farley plumped lips.  jenni jwoww farley br**t implants,  jenni jwoww farley plumped lips, jennifer jwoww farley before and after lip plumping surgery,
Amy Fisher plastic surgery, Dubbed the “Long Island Lolita,” Amy Fisher, 37, made headlines when she shot the wife of her reported lover joey buttafuoco in 1992.  She’s since resurfaced in the media after getting what appears to be major plastic surgery.  Fisher TV show was she on celebrity rehab apparently changed her lips and nose amy fisher wider eyes.  amy fisher long island, celebrity rehab, amy fisher wider eyes, amy fisher plastic surgery before,
Heidi Fleiss plastic surgery, Former “Hollywood madam” Heidi Fleiss, 46, gained fame after she was busted for running a prostitution ring in 1993 one of her reported clients charlie sheen.  While she has moved on since her ex tom sizemore, her new look she supposedly have done heidi fleiss lip job cheek implant has people talking about her again. heidi fleiss lip job cheek implant, heidi fleiss before surgery,
Callista Gingrich plastic surgery, For some, it’s still a mystery whether Callista Gingrich, wife of Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, has gone under the knife.  Some say she has a very “done” look, which may be due to a well-known procedure Rhinoplasty as well as a mini-facelift and Botox.
Bruce Jenner plastic surgery, Olympic gold-medalist Bruce Jenner, 62, bruce jenner wins gold decathlon may be more famous now as the stepfather of the Kardashians.  Another reason he’s in the spotlight could be his changing face.  Besides a nose job, Jenner reportedly underwent another procedure twice facelift surgery.  bruce jenner wins gold decathlon,  facelift surgery,  bruce jenner before surgery,
Jerry Jones plastic surgery, There are rumors that longtime owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, may have gone under the knife more than once procedure Facelift surgery.  Some say the 69-year-old doesn’t look his age at all, but also doesn’t look very normal either.  facelift surgery,
Lil Kim plastic surgery, Rapper Lil’ Kim, 37, came onto the music scene with provocative lyrics and an edgy fashion sense.  However, she surprised everyone when she cosmetically changed her image.  Lil’ Kim supposedly had multiple nose jobs, breast implants, a tummy tuck and cheek implants collagen injections. collagen injections,
Heidi Montag plastic surgery, ”The Hills” star Heidi Montag, 25, admitted to having 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.  Among them were brow-lifts, liposuction and a chin reduction she have done to her ears ear pinning surgery.  Montag she married to Spencer pratt also had a second nose job and increased the size of her br**ts heidi montag ddd.  ear pinning surgery, heidi montag ddd,
Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, 71, faced accusations that she had plastic surgery she rumored to have had done nancy pelosi facelift after a recent television interview.  Some doctors say her face looks stretched, and the lines around her cheeks appear especially smooth for a woman of her age. nancy pelosi facelift,
Priscilla Presley plastic surgery, Priscilla Presley, 66, ex-wife of singer Elvis Presley, priscilla presley puffy face,  reportedly became a victim of a botched surgery after a bogus doctor injected her with a substance he claimed was better than Botox silicon grease.  The man was later sent to prison for using the injection on several celebrities priscilla presley puffy face. silicon grease,
Vladimir Putin plastic surgery, The face of former Russian president Vladimir Putin, 59, is now a hot topic after a recent appearance at a political event.  There are reports his skin looked smooth and free of wrinkles bags under eyes.  Doctors believe he may have had Botox and cheek injections eye lift surgery.  bags under eyes,  eye lift surgery,
Joan Rivers plastic surgery, Some might say comedienne Joan Rivers, 78, is a spokeswoman for plastic surgery.  She recently had another procedure done she say she’s had total joan rivers 700 surgeries on her reality show joan knows best.  She’s also admitted to getting several facelifts, nose jobs, breast implants and Botox chemical peel.  joan rivers 700 surgeries, joan knows best, chemical peel,
Nancy Reagan plastic surgery, There are rumors that former first lady Nancy Reagan, 90, and another ex-president’s wife betty ford had a certain procedure done facelift surgery many years ago.
Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery, Before Fox News Channel host Greta Van Susteren, 57, started her new job on the record with greta van susteren, she apparently thought she needed a new look.  She reportedly said she decided to go under the knife she have done eye lift surgery on a whim to get rid of a certain feature bags under eyes.  greta van susteren, on the record with greta van susteren,  eye lift surgery, bags under eyes,
Donatella Versace plastic surgery, Well-known fashion designer Donatella Versace, 56, gianni versace is rumored to have had multiple facelifts lip implants.  Some say her recent weight loss is also affecting the look of another surgery on her body donatella versace br**t implants.  lip implants, donatella versace breast implants, donatella versace before and after surgery,
Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery, Jocelyn Wildenstein, 71, jocelyn wildenstein 4 million surgery, is a New York socialite best known for her extensive plastic surgeries.  Initially, there were rumors she had the surgeries to please her husband, who supposedly loved big cats.  After their divorce, she continued with the procedures to look like the animal jocelyn wildenstein 4 million surgery.  jocelyn wildenstein before and afer surgery,

Vicki Gunvalson
“Real Housewives” reality star Vicki Gunvalson recently opened up about her plastic surgery (what did she have done?) and isn’t shy about defending it. Hey, this is what I did and if you can’t handle it, don’t look at me. vicki gunvalson, vicki gunvalson chin implant nose job,

Daryl Hannah
Award-winning actress Daryl Hannah is looking more like the sea creature she played in "Splash" according to a celebrity plastic surgeon (how does he describe her?). Hannah denies having had work done and is scornful of stars who do. cosmetic surgery looks like muppets, daryl hannah scary fish lips,

La Toya Jackson
Singer La Toya Jackson (what was her biggest hit?) wanted to star as a solo artist, separate from her famous family, but her extensive plastic surgery (especially this procedure) kept the resemblance close. La Toya Jackson rhinoplasty,

Michael Jackson
The face of iconic singer and dancer the late Michael Jackson evolved dramatically throughout his career. Although he admitted to having only two procedures done (like what?), there is much speculation about another major change. michael jackson bleached skin, michael jacksons nose jobs,

Courtney Love
Initially famous for her marriage to a rock legend, singer and actress Courtney Love (nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in this movie) might be better known now for the multiple plastic surgeries on her nose, breasts and lips (which one does she regret?). She has vowed to never undergo the knife again. Courtney Love says no more plastic surgery after Cat woman, Courtney Love regrets lips,

Katie Price
British model and reality TV star Katie Price (what was her pseudonym?) has had multiple breast and lip augmentations, nose jobs, Botox, vaginal rejuvenation and additional corrective surgeries.  She recently admitted she’s not entirely happy with her current look. Katie Price media personality, katie price pseudonym jordan, vaginal rejuvenation,

Tara Reid
Actress Tara Reid (her breakthrough movie), who had her biggest success playing a virginal girl in a series of movies, has admitted undergoing liposuction (why?) and breast augmentation that were so botched  (read more) that she needed corrective surgery. She credits her new doctor (who was her surgeon?) for her renewed confidence. tara reid breast augmentation scar, Tara Reid wanted six- pack,

Axl Rose
The lead vocalist of a famous rock band, Axl Rose has allegedly had several procedures done, including this one. One man standing by Axl and disputing the plastic surgery rumors is fellow musician Sebastian Bach. axl rose facelift, sebastian bach says axl rose hasn't had surgery,

Meg Ryan
Actress Meg Ryan (her breakthrough movie) has never admitted to plastic surgery, but her protruding lips, eyes with few wrinkles and plump cheeks are evidence that she may have had work done (what do critics think?). She showed her current look recently when supporting one of her famous co-stars, meg ryan plastic surgery gone wrong says critics,

Joan Van Ark
Actress Joan Van Ark, who starred in both "Dallas" and its spin-off "Knot’s Landing," is now famous for excessive plastic surgery (what procedures did she allegedly have?). She ironically had a guest spot on a show about plastic surgery. joan van ark face lift lip injections, 


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