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Celebs Who Lost Endorsements

Celebs Who Lost Endorsements - Sure, celebs make money on their movie, record, TV and sports contracts, but it's endorsements that really bring home the bacon. But when bad behavior makes a brand change their mind about associating with a certain star, losing the sponsorship can be pretty devastating. Keep clicking to find out why Charlize Theron, Mary-Kate Olsen and more celebs have had to kiss their endorsement deals goodbye.

Lance Armstrong

This cyclist had some pretty strong endorsements, including ones with Nike, RadioShack and
Anheuser-Busch, until word got out that he wasn't the clean-cut guy he pretended to be.
Lance Armstrong doping lost endorsements nike anheuser-busch, Lance Srmstrong steps down as livestrong chairman.

Kate Moss

Once the face of H&M, Burberry and Chanel, this waifish supermodel was canned in 2005 after she started nosing around in something less desirable. This endorsement queen off her pedestal, Kate moss loses H&M Chanel Burerry endorsements after cocaine, Kate moss mango fall 2012, Kate moss and rihanna pose together in vogue.

Considering the fact that she appeared naked in her Nivea ads, it's pretty ironic that the skincare company dropped RiRi for this reason in 2012. Rihanna fired from nivea for being too sexy, Rihanna Nivea Campaign.

Charlize Theron
Even Charlize, who's hardly a controversial celebrity, has had an endorsement snatched from her. Company was so ticked off Charlize theron sued by raymond weil for wearing christian dior watch, Charlize Theron raymond weil ads.

Chris Brown
Chris' endorsements from Wrigley and Got Milk? didn't last "Forever." After a very public incident in 2009, each company looked at its ad and decided it didn't want to "Run It." Chris brown loses wrigley and got milk ad deals rihanna assault, Chris brown doublemint commercial, Chris brown got milk.

Mary-Kate Olsen
When Milk found out that MK wasn't doing good things for her body, they scratched their 2004 campaign featuring the Olsen twins. Mary-kate olsen eating disorder got milk, mary-kate ashley olsen got milk.

Madonna has been causing controversy her entire career, like back in 1989, when Pepsi canned her commercials. Madonna pepsi contract cancelled religious imagery music video, madonna pepsi ad.

With money coming in from Rémy Martin Cognac, GM and Axe Body Spray, T.I. was K.I.N.G. of rap endorsements. But all three dropped the rapper after one fateful evening in 2010. T.I. lost endorsements arrest drug possession prison.

Kirstie Alley
This "Fat Actress" was Jenny Craig's most famous client, so what made Jenny say sayonara in 2008?. Kirstie alley fired from jenny craig for gaining weight, kirstie alley jenny craig ads.

Michael Phelps
Some stars are canned for using performance-enhancing drugs. Not Phelps! Kelloggs gave him the boot for doing the exact opposite in 2009. Michael phelps kelloggs for smoking marijuana, michael phelps corn frosted flakes, michael phelps dating megan rossee.

Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson was a slam dunk when it came to sponsorships -- that is, until 1992 when brands like Nestlé and Pepsi quickly called foul. Magic johnson lost nestle pepsi HIV positive, magic johnson oraquick, magic johnson soul train.

Whoopi Goldberg
Former Slim-Fast spokeswoman Whoopi must have felt like a real loser when the dieting company dropped her like dead weight in 2004. Whoopi Goldberg fired from Slim-Fast for Bush joke, whoopi goldberg slim-fast ads, Whoopi goldberg endorses poise pads.

Tiger Woods
Brands want athlete spokespeople who make headlines on the sports page. So when Tiger's name started popping up in the tabloids in 2010, his stock plummeted. Tiger Woods loses Accenture AT&T Tag Gatorade endorsements because of cheating scandal, tiger woods $55 million endorsements 2012, tiger woods standings.

Burt Reynolds
Burt was going through a rough time in 1993 when his relationship with the Florida Citrus Commission soured and his longtime partnership with the Quaker State Motor Oil Corporation ran out of gas. Burt Reynolds fired from Florida State Citrus Commission Quaker State Motor Oil Loni Anderson divorce, burt reynolds orange juice.

Cybill Shepherd
The American Beef Industry Council had a cow in 1986 when Cybill made this bad moove shortly after being hired as their celeb spokeswoman. cybill shepherd fired from beef council for saying stay away from red meat, Cybill shepherd engaged to Andrei Nikolajevic.

In 2007, Akon made a majorly bad call that led to Verizon hanging up on him -- and his lucrative sponsorship deal. Skon fired verizon simulated rape.

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