Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Nikki Cox Cheek Enhancement

Nikki Cox Cheek Enhancement - Nikki Cox says nothing about the rumor, but she is obviously showing the indication of plastic surgery for the lip and cheek enhancement. People even reported that Nikki Cox now has very wide and big lips that would make Angelina Jolie jealous. Nikki Cox herself remains silent whether she has plastic surgery for that lip and cheek enhancement.

Nikki Cox also shows the signs that she has cheek enhancement too. Even she is not too old, she seems to start too aware that her cheek may has touched by a minor facial work done. Her cheek looks so puffy and sometimes instead of fulled, her cheek looks bit swell too. 
This condition creating speculation that she may have filler of fat grafting in the cheek area to make it looks puffed like today. This condition seems to agree with NYC celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo. 
The doctor says that she is showing the condition that she has injectable filler for something into her lip and cheek. Even the doctor said that Nikki Cox a little bit overdoing it, but she doesn’t show the indication of any major facial work done.

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