Monday, 10 June 2013

Ciara Sued by Gay Bar

Ciara Sued by Gay Bar, handed lawsuit papers on stage, ciara sued by gay bar, R and B singer Ciara cancelled a scheduled appearance at a popular Los Angeles gay bar called The Hit Factory over the weekend. This cancellation resulted in her being sued by the club. A woman in the audience served Ciara with the lawsuit while she was in the middle of a performance at LA Pride. Ciara handed the papers right back to the woman. Even though she was handed these papers right in the middle of a song, it did not affect her performance at all. She just went right along with her show as if nothing had happened.

Ciara’s reps said that they told the club ahead of time that the singer would not be able to perform there because of another obligation. They also said that The Hit Factory continued to promote the show after been notified that Ciara would not be there.

Now the club is suing Ciara for breach of contract. Ciara’s people reportedly told TMZ that they did not know why The Hit Factory continued to promote the show or why they misled the public. They said that they also did not know why the club would want to make Ciara look bad.


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