Tuesday, 4 June 2013

$800K Infestation

$800K Infestation - $800K infestation: An apartment tenant, Faika Shaaban, will receive an enormous $800K settlement following her victory in a lawsuit that claimed she was the victim of a disgusting bedbug infestation that caused her to lose "practically everything," wrote Mail Online on June 2, 2013.

Shabaan sued the owner of the apartment rental, Cornelius J. Barrett and West Street Partnership, for not doing anything about the bed bug infestation which was reportedly there before she moved in the apartment.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff suffered hundreds of bites and injuries caused by the bedbug infestation, which she claims that the owner knew about since 2011, and before allowing Shaaban to move into the apartment.

Shaaban also claimed that the landlord ignored complaints about the infestation from the previous owners. Prior to the court decision to award her $800K due to infestation, Shaaban says she was evicted from the apartment and was living on the street which consequently resulted in all of her stuff being stolen. "She lost practically everything due to this," her attorney, Daniel Whitney, said.

Whitney admitted, he is currently undergoing legal proceedings from 75 clients with similar bedbug infestation lawsuits. Whitney added that he hopes this $800K infestation lawsuit victory sends a message to the community, especially to landlords, "that you must abate it."

Source: examiner

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