Saturday, 1 June 2013

Blogger Rat on Mars

Blogger Rat on Mars, Does the red planet have rats? A photo taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover of the martian landscape appears to show a small creature hiding among the rocks of the alien planet.

NASA hasn’t commented on the mars rat (they were too busy finding evidence of water on the planet) leaving the photo open to interpretation. According to UFO Sightings Daily, creature is either a lizard or a rat.

The site writes: “This one also seems to resemble a rodent but also may be a lizard. With water existing on Mars in small amounts, its possible to find such desert animals wandering around.”

NASA believes that they have discovered evidence of water on Mars so it is possible, I guess, for animals to be living on the planet. The UFO website notes that it may also be possible that NASA is releasing small animals onto the planet to conduct experiments.

Of course, you know, it could just be a photo of a rock.

John Grotzinger, Mars Science Laboratory project scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif., didn’t comment on the rat on Mars but he did say that he was excited about the discoveries made by the Curiosity Rover.

Grotzinger said: “We have characterized a very ancient, but strangely new ‘gray Mars’ where conditions once were favorable for life … Curiosity is on a mission of discovery and exploration, and as a team we feel there are many more exciting discoveries ahead of us in the months and years to come.”

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