Sunday, 2 June 2013

Heidi Montag Blew $1 Million Plastic Surgery

Heidi Montag Blew $1 Million Plastic Surgery - A few years ago, Heidi Montag literally transformed herself into a different woman, Plastic surgery regrets, undergoing 10 different surgical procedures in one day, even though she was only in her 20s. She’s now lived the day to regret this decision.

Montag, who shot to fame as a reality star but then built a career for herself (with husband Spencer Pratt) as a tabloid figure / “personality,” is now many miles away from that glamorous woman she spent so much time and money to become.

She and Spencer are broke and living at her in-laws, she no longer has a career and, to cap it all off, she’s also filled with regret about some of the decisions she made, the surgical makeover included.

Below are two videos from her most recent interview, with Access Hollywood Live.

In the first one, Heidi talks about her surgeries and hints that she was misguided and misinformed at the time she went under the knife.

“I would never do it again and I would never recommend it for anyone,” she says.

She had lipo, Plastic surgery regrets, breast and butt augmentation, a nose job and chin reduction, surgery on her ears to pin them down, Botox and fillers, all in one sitting. “Definitely way over my head” does not even begin to describe how she was.

Even so, Heidi claims that the only reason she had so many procedures done was that her doctor (who, somewhat ironically, is dead and can no longer defend himself) failed to inform her of the full implications of what she was doing.

“I should have researched it more. I wasn't told the repercussions and what would happen emotionally and physically and how much pain I would be in,” she says, adding that it was very unprofessional for the doctor to do as she bade without informing her of what would happen next.

Today, Heidi would not rush into surgery like this again. She says she hasn’t had anything done since then, and probably won’t again.

“I just focus now on being healthy and alive and strong,” she smiles.

In the second clip, Heidi explains how her obsession with plastic surgery nearly ruined her marriage, and puts a number on her now-gone fortune she blew on trifles: $1 million (€767,872).

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