Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Teacher Pretends to Shoot First-grade Students

Teacher Pretends to Shoot First-grade students - Three young students were suspended in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting for playfully making a gun with their forefingers and thumbs, as children are wont to do.

Such is the overreaction among many school administrators attempting to remove any semblance of a firearm on campus.

A first-grade teacher in Georgia apparently didn’t get the memo, though, and caused students to have nightmares after a ridiculously ham-fisted lesson in which he pretended to shoot and kill his own students.

His attempt to teach them about gun violence during a game of hide-and-seek could not have been more shortsighted as he chased the youngsters around, making the hand sign of a gun and shouting.

“You’re dead,” he yelled, after “shooting” them with his finger.

Thankfully, this teacher was disciplined, though not before traumatizing many of the students under his supervision. The school admitted that several of the students complained of nightmares following the terrifying classroom game.

This teacher’s ignorance in addressing such a sensitive matter with young children should have cost him his job, in my opinion.

A director of the school district explained this instance “shows, if nothing else, that you just can’t do security off the cuff.”

While that might be true enough, I think the more important lesson to be learned is: never pretend to murder young kids.

The spokesperson, whose child was in the class during the incident, continued by conceding the teacher “made a bad decision” but was “the first person to volunteer for things” and “would be the first person to protect kids in a crisis.”

Unfortunately, not only did he not protect his students from this trauma; he was its sole cause.

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